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Reunion Photos
OWS in Class
Letters of Thanks


K.N.G. Foster Founded "Westbrook House School" in 1947. Now in the year 2007, 60 years have gone by and we now celebrate those years.

"K.N.G. Foster has forever left this world but which we Oldwestbrookians will forever remember him with gratitude".

David-Michael Dunbar

Meeting in Assembly Hall
WJ, WJ's wife, Rev Charles Whitney, Peter Mellor, Roger De Haan

WJ, WJ's wife, Rev Charles Whitney, Peter Mellor, Roger De Haan

Entrance with purple balls



School preparing for assembly
top left: WJ rousing the audience
top right: audience with RdH in foreground
middle left: audience
middle right: Tim Lawrence in red tie
bottom left: David Hunt-Cooke + ?

Subitted by Nigel Pittam



Submitted by Jemilu Kwande
Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Trica Hawken


60th anniversary of the school - 8th June 2007 -

Itinerary -

Old Westbrookians' Society Peter Mellor: Chairman

“As your newly elected OWS Chairman I was delighted to see such a good turnout, with many familiar faces from my era at Westbrook House in the 1950’s, and those from later years at the school in its various reincarnations. For me the real pleasure was meeting those I had not seen in some 50 years and laughing about school personalities and incidents we all remembered so well despite the years.

Roll on the next reunion! ” With all good wishes! Peter Mellor
We can arrive earlier and meet in Assembly Hall,
1100 Arrive, tea & coffee in Assembly Hall, mingle
1130 Welcome by school, briefing of days events, Split into 3 groups for tours
1220 Roger De Haan arrives for photo shoot of all ex-pupils
1230 Assembly
1300 Lunch in Dining Room
1400 If fine - cricket match, if not - back to Assembly Hall for more chatting
1500 All away till 2012!

Submitted by Nigel Cavey
On the right Peter Mellor

OWS Prayer by Rev C.Whitney



Membership Secretary, Old Westbrookians' Society

When I arrived at the school I found a hive of activity. WJ was nowhere to
be seen, he was probably ensuring that any OWS who caught a view of his
wife's tattoo didn't end up needing an ambulance! WJs secretaries were
hard at it making up name badges and directing operations from their
bunker. I trotted into the waiting area outside the kitchenette next to
the rear access to the playground, and amused myself with the trophy
display. WJ whirred into view like a demented wasp and then whizzed off
after saying a breathless "Hello DLG!" In the Hall chairs were arranged
and a couple of tables were available for the display of "memorabilia". I
laid out my meagre examples, chatted to the staff and enjoyed the practice
of "Don't cry for me Argentina". Gradually the OW's started to dribble in.
More memorabilia was thrust upon me - books, photographs, cricket bats,
cricket caps and cricket bats. Faces
unfamiliar to me greeted me like long lost friends. The refreshments table
clinked as OW's exchanged greetings and washed down their biscuits with
tea and coffee.

Then WJ launched into his speech and Peter Mellor, OWS Chairman, did his
bit. We sang songs and said prayers and rthen the school was toured in
groups. Lunch followed <> , an hilarious affair!

Looking forward to the next one, but not before thanking WJ & his staff,
Peter Mellor and all the OW's who turned up and remembering all those who
didn't or couldn't make it. Well done and well met!

Membership Secretary

WH Gym 2007

A couple of extras for your chat -

Absent friends: David Rosslyn-Smith, Patrick Fuller, Gordon Sandell unable to attend because of illness, being out the country etc.

We, the OWS has been able to contact 300+ former pupils. It has 1,175 names on its database!

Charles Whitney is selling copies of his history of Dover College for 10, some proceeds to OWS I believe!

Don't forget to bring your foil!

See you there,



N Washington-Jones - Headmaster of "Westbrook House" 2007
"Dear Old Westbrookians
It was an absolute pleasure and delight to have you here with us last Friday! It was wonderful to share memories with you and to hear you reminisce.
This is today an exceptionally happy school and I now fully understand that that happiness is rooted firmly in the past.

However, everything is a learning experience and I realised that I had not allowed enough time for the day - my sincere apologies for having to hurry you along,
but I am sure you will understand that I had to balance your visit with the daily life of a busy Prep School.

The next Reunion will be in 5 years time in June 2012. As I have just had my 60th birthday it may well be that THAT Reunion marks the day that I myself
become an Old Westbrookian! In the meantime if any of you in groups of 2, 3 or 4 would like to join me for lunch, I would relish the opportunity to pick your
brains about the past days of this truly wonderful school.

With sincere best wishes from this Headmaster
- and from that First Founding Headmaster!
Yours very sincerely,

PS One of your number - he shall remain nameless - has today sent me a generous cheque with which to buy all the staff and children an ice-cream.
We have today ordered 150 mixed ices: what crazy, wonderful people you are!

N Washington-Jones - Headmaster
my mobile number for lunch bookings : 07967 320 660

Please send your OLD WESTBROOKIAN REUNION Photo's at the email address below. If possible "captioned"


David-Michael Dunbar
Any chance you have any memorabilia, particularly photos, that we could post? We appreciate all offerings, including anecdotes you may have from way back then.

All submissions are subject to editing and remain the property of Old Westbrookians' Society
David-Michael Dunbar / OWS Webmaster

Reunion Day June/8/2007