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Letters of Thanks

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Letters of Thanks

Submitted by Tony Monteuuis June 8th 2007
K.N.G. Foster Sports Day 1959

From: Tony Monteuuis, On 17/06/07



Thank you so much for all you did in putting together such a lovely day on 8th June. I really enjoyed seeing so many old friends again after such a long time and it was good to see the school obviously in good hands and moving forwards.

It's terrific that you and Peter Mellor and others have done all this work. Thank you all for doing it because I am sure that we will all benefit hugely.

Kind regards,

Tony Monteuuis

Dear David

Thank you and the team for arranging an excellent do on Friday. Although only four from my year attended it was good to talk to others who had similar fond memories of the place that I have.

The guided tour to rooms I had not visited for over 40 years was both sad and nostalgic.

I have long thought that what us Fossie chaps had in the way of schooling was unique and will probably not happen again indeed I suspect it could not happen again.

Kind Regards

Roddy Baker
Hi David. May I first of all thank you for having arranged such a splendid occasion. Please also pass on my thanks to all those others involved, including the headmaster & his wife. It is so good to see the old school flourishing again, thanks to Roger and his team's hard work and dedication. Could do with a few more pupils, though! For what there're worth, I attach some pics.

Kindest regards

Nigel Cavey

Subitted by Nigel Pittam
Rod Pittam

Hello David. Congrats etc on the OW's day. I enjoyed it greatly.It certainly stirred up waves of nostalgia.I was a little perturbed by WJ and Rogers assertion that the Group Captains quarters were to be demolished. I had a look at the building and couldn't see much wrong with it.So I'm going to put my foot right in it now and offer to renovate it,the purpose of which exercise would be to provide the school with additional space, presumably not as a carpentry workshop,maybe an art room,and retain the GPs quarters as a shrine,with a metal bed and a pot,which I recall is what he had,the old woman who used to do the school dinners used to empty it in the wc under the stairs.It could even have a train set installed.I'd like that. I believe Peter Mellor is a surveyor,perhaps he would like to survey the place with me and take the project forward. It would be a great shame to lose the building,especially as there isn't much left of the school that we remember.They ought to have a swimming pool as well, but I'm not digging that out by hand (again)!
Please convey my gratitude to the organizers and staff,and I look forward to next years do. Hopefully the team will have tracked down more of us by then.
I was glad that the pupils are playing rugby,which brings me to a piece of nostalgic conversation I was having with Peter Wetzel and Davic HC,Peter asked if we knew what had happened to Harold Richardson,we didn't,but both of us were playing in the infamous rugby match when the unfortunate Richardson dislocated his collarbone.Luckily Messrs Foster and Metcalfe were on hand to administer first aid,which consisted of the former placing his foot on Richardsons neck and the latter wrenching his arm savagely upwards,and with a loud crunch accompanied by much screaming from the patient,his displaced part was reinstated,I cant remember if he took any further part in the game,but it would be interesting to remind him about it if he is located eventually.I have to go back home to Madeira shortly but will be back quite soon,hopefully you will have some news for me when I return.
All the best..Rod
Hi Moosey, (Nick name for David-Michael Dunbar)

We had over 70 punters there, from George Newkey-Burden (one of the first pupils) to Jemilu Kwande (and his wife) who left in the 1980s! What a great day. Full report tomorrow, pictures to follow.

Membership Secretary

Reunion Day June/8/2007